About Me

Matt De La Piedra


As an investor, of course I hope to make a profit from all purchases. While doing so, my hope is that you are blessed by getting out of a bad situation or just unburdening yourself with an asset that is difficult to maintain. I can help.

Property Solver - Matt

Our Process

How This Works

We try to keep our process simple and straightforward. It is really just 3 Easy Steps!

Easy 3-Step Process

Enter Your Home Information

Receive A Cash Offer


How it Works

I’ll take the time to explain everything to you


Get in touch

As soon as I receive your request for a quote, I will start working to understand your situation.


Goal & Expectation Setting

All of my planning will reflect your specific goals. We will clarify each of our expectations.


Showings & Offers

Unlike a traditional property sale, you should only expect one showing (me) in most cases.



I already have the funds, so there is no need to wait for a loan approval and I cover all closing costs.

Property Solver - Matt

Let’s work out a deal. Together!

Property Solver

It is all about YOU. Really! Our goal at Property Solver is to make sure you know, without a doubt, that you received a great deal, were treated like gold, and you have no hesitation recommending us to your family and friends.


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